The Dutch culture through the eyes of a Brazilian

A couple of times a year we visit our developers working abroad. This way we stay close, see how everyone is doing, receive feedback and just have a great time together.

In Eindhoven (the Netherlands) we had dinner with developers Daniel and Cristiano.

Daniel moved with his girlfriend almost one year ago to Eindhoven to work for our client in the consultancy sector. Cristiano is a big data engineer and started to work for a long-term project for the same client here in March. Like real Dutchies both go by bike to work now (20-30 minutes from their houses).

When talking about other differences in a Dutch lifestyle, Penguin received this great and fun overview, written by Cristiano:
“Funny/interesting things about Dutch people:

1. They are always checking the weather conditions and talking about the weather (Penguin already told me that in the NL guide you provided, but it is really true).
2. Dutch people love to go for a walk during lunch time to eat a homemade sandwich that usually looks weird/ugly, probably because of a lack of sun during some seasons.
3. Dutch people have a funny way to say goodbye on the pone (they look pretty happy/excited saying goodbye).
4. Dutch people really enjoy having a schedule/agenda/plan.
5. I think is very easy to have a good relationship between Dutch and Brazilian people because they are sarcastic and happy during the major part of the day (I can say that because I’m the only non-Dutch on my team).
6. Actually, the food and how you deal with food is very different here…. only a sandwich for lunch.
7. Another funny thing regarding differences between Dutch and Brazilian people is that Dutch people really trust on the weather forecast, because it is usually accurate. In Brazil (at least in Florianopolis) some people say that the weather forecast is always “sun with chance of rain” (the most generic forecast you can have!!) One possible reason could be the characteristic of Dutch people to enjoy planning things in advance… so if the weather is really determinant to the plan and Dutch people really like to plan in advance, then it is very important to know how the weather will be.

In summary, the weather is very important for Dutch people… it defines their mood, conversations, planning… That’s the reason that when I say I’m from Brazil there is always a Dutch person that asks the question ” but why? you have very nice weather in Brazil!” My theory: Holland is so nice/perfect that only the weather can worry you ???”

So, Cristiano how is the weather today? Thank you for the NL introduction and see you soon!

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