TDD by Penguin Formula

With an increasing number of businesses becoming tech-centric, having a solid technical due diligence process is crucial for Venture Capital firms to properly assess investments.

IT related failures can affect the startup business, entailing more costs to the Venture Capital firm or compromising the investment. An appropriate technical due diligence can save investors millions of invested funds!

Our Belief

Technical Due Diligence will grow in importance and maturity in the next few years.

The Solution

TDD by Penguin Formula is an online tool that helps VC firms and third parties to deliver a better Technical Due Diligence. TDD is available in two versions:


This version provides an in-depth questionnaire, involving the startup and their representatives in the delivery of accurate information that can be vouched for.


This version is based on a multi-choice questionnaire. It delivers a scoring report, allowing a much larger number of diligences at scale.

A VC firm can start using an AUTOMATED version for analyzing a bigger group of potential investments, getting a first glance at the startups thanks to the scoring report, in a cost effective way. Then, with the startups with the best scores, perform a more in-depth analysis.


  • Structured and always up-to-date process.
  • Roles and accountability allowing for more involvement from the startup, which vouches for the information delivered.
  • Data centrally stored and in a secure way. Information can be revisited at a later stage.
  • Startups are more involved in the process, contributing with better information and vouching for it.
  • With the Automated version, TDD allows the analysis of a bigger number of potential investments at scale.

Key Benefits

  • Structured process, always up-to-date
  • Better and more accurate information
  • Information stored centrally and in a secure way, that the VC firm can revisit at any stage of the investment.
  • Startups are more involved in the process, contributing with better information and vouching for it.
  • An Automated version allowing VC firms to scale the diligence to a bigger number of investments.

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