GDPR Compliance Tool

Privacy and security are here to stay, especially if we are talking about our personal data.  By personal we mean any information related to one single person that can in any way identify it. Some personal data, depending on the type of information transmitted, can be considered as sensitive personal data. Despite they appear normally together, privacy and security are different concepts.

Penguin Formula GDPR Compliance Management Tool

PF GDPR Compliance Management Tool supports and structures the Compliance Cycle in all its steps.

It is the result of a vast experience in GDPR compliance consultancy, both in small and big organizations, aiming to make all the process easier.

The PF GDPR Compliance Tool can be used by the organization itself or by the consultancy firm as a way to increase the effectiveness of its service

Privacy and Security are in Penguin Formula DNA

“Privacy and Security are now an important topic in any company, especially if we are talking about tech companies. Following this idea, at Penguin Formula we concern with the constant evolution of our work in this area, following the major points of the new regulation. These points are the requirement of explicit consent for collecting personal data, the access to withdraw such consent and also the right to access all data collected by a company and the right to be forgotten through the erasure of the same data.”

How it Works

Privacy Office (PO)

Privacy Contact person within the organization or Compliance Consultant.

Identifies the processes and systems to be targeted by the assessment.

Business Owner (BO)

Is the process owner’ within the organization, for example the head of HR, Sales or IT is walked through the whole assessment, with valuable help in each step that it is making it easier to answer all the questions with little or no GDPR knowledge.

Our task force supports you on the journey to be compliant!

If you think about the amount of personal information that you share, you will realize that privacy is here to stay and will remain a hot topic in the future. So if you want to know more about our products and projects in place, contact us and we will join our efforts to help your company database to be safe and compliant all the times.