Starting a new tradition: Penguin Family and Friends Day

Last Saturday, 20th of July, Penguins changed their routine and jumped on the beach for the day.


The Penguin Family and Friends Day is an amazing day to work on our team building, we had a volleyball match, a lot of dives in the ocean, a surf lesson and the German Course ceremony, as our students all passed the semester with amazing results (many thanks to the amazing teacher Adina Szabo).

This is, also, an important day for Penguins, since it’s a relaxed day which allows for better communication since the activities create a discussion which enables open communication among employees and management. It improves office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done.

It’s an amazing motivational day for employees: team leadership and team building go hand in hand. It allows the employees to feel more comfortable and to express ideas and opinions. This gives the motivation to take on new challenges.

Team building also goes hand in hand with creativity. Taking the team outside of an office setting and exposing them to new experiences forces them to think outside of their normal routine. Working together with other team members can ignite creativity and fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to the office.

The Penguin Family and Friends day is great to break barriers: it brings a feeling of trust among employees. It enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.

At Penguin we’re super excited to start off a new tradition!

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