Penguin Formula featured in Valor Econónico

Penguin Formula was featured in Valor Económico – Diário de Notícias, a Portuguese newspaper!

Rudolf Vriens, our CEO and Dário Gaspar, our CFO shared what PF is and does, in what was an amazing opportunity to show how it is to live and breathe as a Penguin.

You can read it below:

With the primary mission of providing highly skilled software developers. Penguin Formula promotes a continuous bet on the professional and personal growth of its employees.

A study by the European Commission, which highlighted the need for 900,000 highly skilled programmers by 2020, was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Penguin Formula. In fact, the company created in 2016 has as its mission to meet this need by ensuring highly qualified and communicative professionals, after working on complex and competitive projects in various technological areas, “When looking for a team of software developers, our CEO and founder, Rudolf Vriens, for his company, in the Netherlands, he was faced with a shortage of qualified professionals in his market. It was aimed at helping companies that confront the same problem that ascended Penguin Formula”, introduces Dario Gaspar. CFO. The areas of IT Outsourcing, IT Nearshoring and Turnkey Projects are the main services provided by the team. “We essentially work in Outplacement of IT professionals for international clients. In outsourcing, we put people on the client to work on their projects. Under Nearshore, employees work from our offices to clients. When we run Turnkey Projects, we design the entire solution architecture and its implementation”, says Dário Gaspar. Despite the potential of growth and expansion, Penguin Formula has been developing sustainably, although with ambition and awareness of its ever-present value, “2016 was a year of systematization, market knowledge and implementation. The year 2017 was the launch of operationalization and the creation of value, we recruited some people and approached customers in the international market. In 2018, we experienced exponential growth and ended the year with more than 65 employees, a feat we want and we hope to repeat in more significant ways during the current year “, explains the interviewee.


The Penguin Formula has a young, talented and highly qualified team, professional and communicative, where a multicultural feel is also a present factor. In addition to the Portuguese, German and Dutch employees, the company has focused its bet on the Brazilian market: “We have detected the will and motivation of Brazilian professionals to work in Europe. At the moment we have an internal recruiting team in São Paulo”, he says. It is this team formation that allows Penguin Formula to stand out for quality and availability, by having developers permanently available to assist customers. “We mostly hire Java, JavaScript, Python, Hadoop and Splunk developers. We are also developing in the area of IT Security, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to stand out in these areas. In fact, starting from this extension, we have recently started the creation of an R & D department and we intend to establish partnerships with Universities. We are very demanding and discerning in recruitment. We do very thorough filtering and only the best professionals are selected to work with us”. In addition to its business areas, Penguin Formula is also dedicated to developing and products. The portfolio consists of solutions aimed at improving the company’s internal services, as well as products destined to its markets, namely large companies and government institutions such as banks and ministries. These include GDPR Automation and DPOone. These products are designed to identify and protect confidential and sensitive information, ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The philosophy of the company is also committed to mutual improvement, and as such, there is a strong investment in the professional and personal level of all elements. “If our employees grow, we also grow and that allows us to evolve and create differentiation for the market”, reflects the interviewee. That is why the promotion of a relaxed, proximity and mutual aid is constant. Every Friday the “Friday Drinks” is offered, where all employees gather for a social gathering in a bar located on Avenida da Liberdade. In addition, intensive training of the German language is offered and, where necessary, help and sponsorship for the acquisition of European citizenship.


Growing, combining, creating a name in the international market and expanding to new locations are just some of the ambitions that Penguin Formula intends to achieve soon. “We started with the Dutch market, later we went to Germany, Austria and recently we got a customer in Dubai,” explains Dario Gaspar. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and Norway are some of the possible destinations for Europe. However, the mission to reach markets like the Middle East, but not only, is also stressed by the financial head. “Even at the end of this year we want to start getting closer to the North and South American markets,” he adds. This extension of the action necessarily requires the recruitment of more employees. “We are ambitious and we want to grow a minimum of 10 developers per month by the end of the year. In this sense we have several opportunities open for anyone who wants to join our team, “concludes Dario Gaspar.

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