What we deliver

We give great importance to our developers’ improvement.
We deliver premium service to them so that they can do the same for our clients.

We use state of the art technologies and programming languages to build future-proof products and services.
We are well known for being experts in:

We support our clients in different ways

We make sure we provide all preconditions to help you build, innovate and/or ensure the continuity or your business.

How we work

At Penguin, the need for connection and community is a fundamental good for our environment.
We hire people with great talent in order to deliver the best service
We provide our developers with premium services - so they can do the same for our clients.
Good communication makes good software, our developers are selected based on this.
We understand different cultures and are open to learning.
We’re big enough to scale and small enough to care.

Language center

We teach languages in house or via Newrow, preparing our developers for the country they are working in.

Meet Adina, our German teacher:


German teacher

“I am Adina, the Penguin Formula expert for all questions regarding the German language. At Penguin I teach face-to-face classes 4 hours a day, for the developers abroad we do it per Newrow. Also their partners can join. Teaching is not only my profession, but my passion. I love everything about it, meeting with different people, accompanying and supporting people while developing new skills, reading, doing research, organizing, but the most amazing on it is the change. It is never the same and I always learn new things, while teaching others!”

Industries we work for

We have built a solid base of large and mid-sized clients in the financial services-, security-, hospitality-, IT consultancy-, semi-conductor-, automotive- and retail industry. These clients are located in Northern Europe, mainly Germany and the Netherlands. Our developers work on site at the client or remote from our office in Lisbon. Our internal products range from a tool for the security of personal data to a product for encrypted filesharing.

We have gained the trust of companies to whom the development, innovation and continuity of their IT-products are crucial for their business growth. Our clients value a dynamic and flexible way of working. They prefer us to take care of all preconditions, so that they can focus on their core business.

Companies we work for:

Some of our success stories:

Industry: Financial services industry in Frankfurt, Germany

The product is: A system for malware analysis that aggregates information on malware samples and allows complex searches over it to aid analysis.

Technologies: Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3 (with SCSS)

#Penguins working on this project: 3


Guilherme Chiara
Front end developer

“I am currently working in the financial services industry as a Frontend Developer. My mission here is to rebuild an old Javascript written application into an amazing new dashboard using the latest Angular version with all the new web concepts. Our application is a malware triage tool, carrying a huge amount of data and this new web interface is responsible to provide the best user experience possible. I have been working with Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3 (with SCSS) and concepts like Redux (we are using Ngxs for that) and Angular animations. Being the only frontend developer, I am responsible for choosing the best technologies to apply. We have recently decided to create our own components to use and I am in charge of it. My experience here could not be better. I am loving it!”

Letshare, developers working remote from our HQ in Lisbon

Letshare is a product on the Dutch market to manage the meeting rooms and online bookings of hotels.

Technologies: Java, Spring, JEE, PostgreSQL, Glassfish, HAProxy, Linux

#Penguins working at Letshare: 6


Miguel Voigt
Product owner

“Penguin Formula helped us to grow our development team fast when one of our customers had a very urgent and big request. We are very satisfied with the expansion; high quality output and a social and communicative team. Also, from a business perspective the development of our product in Portugal instead of the Netherlands gives us high quality coding for a competitive price. Working together with these Penguins is a pleasure.”

DPO One, developers working at our HQ in Lisbon.

DPO One privacy software offers a sustainable solution to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and prevent data breaches.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring Framework, Spring-Boot (Web), Spring-Data, Spring-Security, Spring-Security/OAuth2, Spring-Security/JWT, Gradle, JUnit 4, Spring-Test, FlyAway DB, Lombok, PostgreSQL, Swagger, Docker, Linux, Angular 4, TypeScript, Bootstrap, FlexBoxGrid, SASS, CSS3, HTML5, Git, Jasmine/Karma, Gulp, JavaScript (ES6), Kanban, Jackson, EhCache, JasperReport, Hibernate 5, JPA 2.1.

#Penguins working at DPO One: 3-4 (rotating)


Marcelo Teixeira
Scrum Master,
Lead Developer and
Project Manager

“We are developing a new RESTful API, using Java 8 and Spring-Boot technologies. This project consists of a platform to help future clients prevent data breaches and apply the best practices about data security following the European Union GDPR compliance.
I am working as a frontend developer implementing the design, connecting it to the back end and creating responsive web pages. Also, I assist the project management and work as a Scrum Master, Lead Developer Project Manager. In the end, I’m responsible for stimulating the team motivation and making the MVP stable and salable.”