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58 million new job opportunities, thanks to Artificial Intelligence

It is not surprising to hear about AI and the future. Machine’s evolution is an opportunity we must not overlook, it is important to understand and to see AI as a chance to improve society and to survive as a species. However, the human race must prepare themselves and get some training done in order to turn the future into a positive reality.

Movies in which robots launched to the conquest of the world, annihilating or enslaving humanity did not help to create assurance about this soon-to-be future. Nor did Stephen Hawking states about the development of a robotic future: “the development of complete artificial intelligence can mean the end of the human species.” Other tech figures, such as Elon Musk or Steve Wozniak, share this concern.

Loyola University professor in Chicago, Steve Jones, stated in an article for Forbes magazine that the population has “the feeling that there is a non-human force, called technology, which is a threat “. Jones asserted that there was a real risk of a neo-Luddite movement emerging that, in the image and likeness of the eighteenth-century Britons, began a struggle against machines because they jeopardized their employment. A move that, Jones emphasizes, does not believe that politics and economics are the way to deal with the inevitable advance of new technologies.

Data Science Researcher, Nuria Oliver, strongly believes that AI “will have a huge positive impact on society.” And given examples such, the field of health, where the possibilities that the new technologies offer in areas like the sequencing of the human genome or the comparative radiological analysis were unthinkable a few years ago. Artificial intelligence and robots will have a lead role in what is already called the fourth industrial revolution.

Nevertheless, this rapid diffusion of machines, especially in such a short time awakens, particularly regarding employment: “all studies anticipate a radical transformation that will entail the extinction of millions of jobs; the World Economic Forum will create 58 million jobs. “This optimism, which opens up a range of possibilities, must be accompanied by an adequate educational policy, since being a technology the same as figuring out how it works, and currently the children are not prepared to take up these new jobs that will be required in the next few years. Oliver sees in the evolution of the machines a great opportunity that we must not overlook:

“It is very important that let us see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to improve society, to survive as a species. However, we have to prepare ourselves and train ourselves so that I can be a reality. “

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