Software Power House

As a software house, our aim is to deliver business growth.
We do this by providing our clients with highly skilled and communicative IT professionals for customised projects.
We invest in the professional and personal growth of our software developers and provide them with premium services – housing, flight, language courses, VISA’s – so they can deliver the same to you!

Our story

“In 2016, the company I was leading needed a larger software development team to grow. However, the Dutch market encountered a shortage of highly skilled developers, thus creating a problem and affecting the organisation’s output.
At the time, an acquaintance was leading a team of Portuguese developers in Lisbon and was content with their skills, experience and positive work attitude.  Therefore, as a trial, I decided to start hiring developers in Portugal; within one year, we were able to build a complete team.  It was made clear how much the quality of code, documentation and speed of development helped the organisation expand and flourish in the market.

Penguin Formula derived from this experience.

With knowledge of the Dutch IT market, I (with the help of an investor) conceived a plan: to become a leading player in Europe. Set with the ambition to grow big and maintain the reason for its existence: quality assurance.

However, we soon realised that the Portuguese market was relatively small. And in order to obtain our goals and to provide for the needs of the Northern European market, we needed to expand the recruitment outside of Portugal. This is when we began recruiting in South America (mainly in Brazil).

We were pleased to see that Brazilian software developers were as skilled and communicative as their Portuguese counterparts. Which, in the vision of Penguin Formula, is a must-have in order to provide high-quality software delivery.

Resulting in both our clients and developers being able to focus on what they do best: their core business.”

Rudolf Vriens – CEO Penguin Formula

Penguins DNA


Our mission is to bring the best software developers together to help out clients innovate and grow. We do this by investing in the professional and personal growth of our developers. 


Be the number one inspiring software house, knowing that our future relies on IT


Communication: Openness and transparency as our basic pillars

Care: Assuming personalized and customized support, delivering premium services

Dynamic: Being fast, flexible and driven.

Companionship: Focus on team efforts, trust and unity

Growth: Being ambitious, aiming for an international presence and assuring sustainable growth


You can focus on what you do best, because we do what we do best.


Lisboa, Portugal

São Paulo, Brazil

Santiago, Chile

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Amsterdam, Holland

Berlin, Germany

São Paulo, Brazil

These people deliver a premium service for our developers,
so they can do the same for our clients.


  • Rudolf Vriens
    Rudolf Vriens CEO
  • Fábio Calhau
    Fábio Calhau CIO
  • Bruno Pereira
    Bruno Pereira HR Business Partner
  • Miguel Corte Real
    Miguel Corte Real Marketing & Communications
  • Ana Simões
    Ana Simões Recruitment & Business Development
  • Hugo Melim
    Hugo Melim Product Owner
  • Silvia Valadares
    Silvia Valadares Housing & Office
  • Maria Moreira
    Maria Moreira Housing & Office Maintenance
  • Leonardo Vieira
    Leonardo Vieira IT TECHNICIAN
  • Francisco Camacho
    Francisco Camacho Finance Manager

Business development

  • Bernardo Reis
    Bernardo Reis Sales Account Executive - Benelux
  • Dário Gaspar
    Dário Gaspar Sales
  • Gerold Kiefer
    Gerold Kiefer Sales Account Executive
  • Mario DeVries
    Mario DeVries Sales Account Executive
  • Markus Tautz
    Markus Tautz Sales Account Executive
  • Marta Rey
    Marta Rey Sales Account Executive - Germany
  • Saloni Sheth
    Saloni Sheth Sales Account Executive - the Netherlands
  • Tania Tiberia
    Tania Tiberia Sales Account Executive