It is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to find qualified IT Experts. That’s exactly what Penguin Formula does. As a long-term strategic partner, we provide you with our IT know-how and sophisticated sourcing methods so we can deliver world-class developers.


We believe the future
depends on IT,
we deliver software development
to help meet this challenge.


We deliver a premium service
to our IT professionals,
so they can do the same
for our clients.


Providing highly skilled,
communicative IT professionals
to help our clients build
customised products.

Enterprise IT Partner

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  • At Penguin Formula I work as a product owner of software products related mainly with GDPR Compliance. If I had to point the most valuable thing at Penguin Formula, I would mention the international environment as a plus. Here I can develop my skills every day with a lot of flexibility and know-how and in line with a great team.

    Mariana Lambertini Product Owner
  • In the short time I work for Penguin I already had many different experiences. At first I worked in an internal project as backend developer. Then I had the opportunity to work in a big bank in Frankfurt, which was a very interesting experience. Now I lead a nearshore project for a United Arab Emirates commerce company. I had the opportunity to participate in this project from the beginning, so I was the analyst and architect, and now team leader. Being allowed to use what you know in the projects seems obvious, but not all companies give you freedom and trust you at this point. But at Penguin we have opportunity to use all our knowledge to make things happen.

    Rodrigo da Silva Tech Leader

The world is (y)ours

Designação do projeto | Penguinformula4World
Código do projeto |LISBOA-02-0752-FEDER-025141
Objetivo principal| Reforçar a Competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas
Região de intervenção |Lisboa
Entidade beneficiária |Penguinformula – Unipessoal, Lda

Data de aprovação | 08-03-2017
Data de início | 21-03-2017
Data de conclusão | 31-12-2020
Custo total elegível |
Apoio financeiro da União Europeia |FEDER – 161.340,00 EUR

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