Penguin Formula is an innovative IT company that is dedicated to building software development solutions.
Our services also include consulting, working closely with our customers to provide tailor-made innovative solutions to their IT needs.
Our expertise covers development, customization and integration of solutions, for both frontend and backend applications.

Our history

Founded in 2016 Penguin Formula is based in sunny Lisbon in Portugal, home country of worldwide skilled and talented software developers.

Nowadays, demand for information technologies and software development solutions is increasing rapidly.

Did you know that Europe may well face a shortage of up to 900,000 skilled ICT workers by 2020? At Penguin Formula, we intend to help meet this challenge.

Our experience

Our experience in Holland has shown us that the answer to increasing IT demand is right under our noses: we can find it within the European software developers’ community. In creating Penguin Formula, we’re confident that we can gather a team of talented, passionate developers from all over Europe that is able to respond with the required enthusiasm and creativity to the demands of our prestigious customers. We believe the answer lies in highly competent, skilled well-paid IT professionals. The future is bright and we have strong ambitions. Do you want to join us and be a part of that future?

Why Portugal?

Portugal currently plays host to one of the most skilled and talented software developers’ communities in Europe. However, most demand for IT services comes from Northern Europe. So we work for the North European market with the very best developers in Portugal, providing high quality services to our customers, keeping in mind their specific cultural contexts, optimising our response time and reducing operational costs in a highly sustainable business approach.

What is our goal?

We aim to gather the necessary skills to meet the needs of our international partners and clients. In order to achieve this, we are building a diversified, enthusiastic, flexible team with the very best IT experts.

Who do we work for?

Even though Penguin Formula is a fairly new company, we already have customers from all over the world. We are currently working with international clients such as the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. This project focuses on enhancing security issues, within transferring, reading and managing electronic files and documents.

Our strategic values

Deep knowledge, high quality and passion for IT are our guiding principles. As well as delivering top quality services, enhancing the value of Europe’s IT assets is part of our company’s mission. At Penguin Formula, we believe it is time to stop looking for IT solutions outside Europe and recognise what we can do better ourselves. We acknowledge the excellence of European expertise in this area and we are willing to place our bets on our software developers. We support the idea of a highly skilled, top-quality European IT community. Will you help us build it?

How we work

We deliver exciting projects in an international environment. We cooperate in agile, multi-skilled Scrum teams and second specialists to our clients’ location when necessary. We work in an informal, non-hierarchical way and there is always scope for initiative.


Our commitment to customers

At Penguin Formula development is at the heart of our business. We have the ambition to work for customers all over the world, but most are currently in Europe. We have recently signed a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. We believe in the power of a highly skilled, top quality European IT community. Will you help us build it?